Buzz & Press Information

We're kind of a medium-sized deal. Here are our various mentions and accolades.

I don't know. Smash Co.

The Internet

  • YouTube
    Our content has had the most success on YouTube racking up over 15 million total views. Mac Spoofed: Performance & Beside the Music: The Roadies both snagged front page YouTube features back when YouTube used to do front page features.
  • Mashable
    In May 2010 one our "Get a Mac" spoofs were featured in Mashable's Top 10 Get a Mac Parodies blog post with Mac Spoofed: OS claiming a #3 spot!
  • One of Us Podcast
    In March 2013 we were interviewed by crew member J.Rai on his podcast One of Usand we also recorded it as a video. We covered many of the basaes of our "origin story" here so if we're asked to do another interview we will just point people to this one.
  • The Hartly Show
    In April 2013 we were at FanExpo Vancouver and were featured in Season 3, Episode 12 of the Hartly Show.
  • JokePit Interview
    In February 2014 we were interviewed by the UK comedy community JokePit.
  • The Ploy Podcast
    In February 2007 we were interviewed for a very special Episode #47 of Australia's podcast The Ploy. We had a good time, well we must have because you hear James breathing very heavy.


  • Torrent
    We have appeared on G4TechTV's podcasting show Torrent twice. Our first appearence was in the Episode 21 September 2006 where they showed a couple of our Mac Spoofs. Our second appearance was after their series rebooted on Season 2: Episode 12 at the end of November 2007. This time aroud there was an on-camera interview with The Crew and several sketches including Hitler Moustache and Saddest Little Hooker in the World.
  • Online Nation
    This was a "best of the web" type show for the CW. Our sketch Mac Spoofed: Performance was featured on the premire episode of this short lived television program. More people have actually seen our sketch than all the episodes of Online Nation combined.


  • Who
    The Australian publication called Who featured us in their February 26, 2007 edition.