Watch Our Sketch Comedy Videos

Most of our videos are stand-alone "one offs" but we've done a few series as well.

Stand-alone Sketches

Mac Spoofed (series)

We take on the the "Get a Mac" commercials with this collection of spoofs. Check out our Mac Spoofed microsite too.

Does it Blend? (series)

Dick blends everdyay objects and see's what happens. These videos spoof the popular Will it Blend? videos.

Good Ninja / Bad Ninja (series)

The epic battle between good & evil told with ninjas.

Buds (series)

Weed, relationships and what these two guys rub in their spare time.

Special Features & Bloopers

Our blooper reels and special features.

Other Stuff

Outtakes, video updates and other random crap that we put on the YouTubes.