Video Production and Custom Content Services

If you're think we're against "selling out" you're wrong. We are totally down to create funny for money. We will produce, write, film and edit original videos to promote your product or service. If you'd like to make an original video for you let's get in touch - our people can talk to your people, yadda yadda yadda.

Video Portfolio

Below you can see videos we've done for others or you can check out our regularly produced sketch comedy videos.


Thumbail for ShapeIt Kickstarter Video

We had lots of fun making this video for our friends at ShapeIt for their Kickstarter campaign. Although the campaign goals weren't reached we were all enriched by the experience and came away as better people.


Greenling Organic Produce

Greenling is an organic produce company based in Texas who wanted some humorous Mac Spoofed styled videos to promote their company.



Thoof was a link directory similar to (Digg & Reddit) but with the promise of targeted results. The videos were hit with the "digg effect" and ended up getting over 60,000 views.

Windward Reports

Windward Reports

We created these Windward Reports themed videos for a contest that was ultimately canceled. We still had a ton of fun making these and with over 75,000 views they are among our more popular videos.