Cast and Crew

Just a bunch of humble guys with huge dicks. None of them are real actors. They all kinda write and direct. If you'd like to email all of these handsome hat wearing bastards at once simply send one big fat email to

aka Threeboy

James is an abortion survivor and handles much of the video editing responsibilities in addition to the graphic & website stuff for TNTV.


Moze is the worlds tallest midget. He currently holds the TNTV Crew record for most poops in a day. When he's not training for poop contests he shares some of the video editing tasks.


Brando is the only one of us with legit acting experience. He can do no-handed pushups but you have to make sure he's pretty "happy".

aka J.Rai

Jeff departed from TrueNuff in 2008 to go to Toronto and then he came back. He still does the sound stuff for some videos and shows up in sketches from time to time.

Past Crew Members


Sean stepped down from Crew duties in 2014 to become a full-time dad for his beard.

The Rob

In 2016 Rob decided to quit TrueNuff to open a shelter for abused ferrets.