Extra Stuff

Mac Spoofs on set. I'm a PC, I'm a Mac and I'm black.

Here's some extra stuff you might find offensive and/or useful.

  • Video Updates
    From time to time we do a video blog to let our YouTube peeps know what's up.
  • Photos
    We post production and behind-the-scenes photos at our Facebook page.
  • Mac Spoofed Website
    Our Mac vs PC parody videos were bumpin' back in the day so we designed a separate mini website for an enhanced viewing experience.
  • TrueNuff.tv Trailer (2013)
    YouTube updated it's profile design to allow for trailers so we made a trailer.
  • TrueNuff TV the School Project
    Before TrueNuff.tv hit the web Jeff & James made a series of videos for a school project called TrueNuff TV.
  • TrueNuff Comic
    Before TrueNuff.tv was making sketch comedy videos James, Brando, The Rob & Jeff made a webcomic.